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July 12th, 2011    •   by Frank    •   2 Comments »

I’ll be honest, I’ve been programming a bit in several languages for some time. Never got really good at it, but I’ve had the chance to play with other languages such as Visual Basic with some success.

I’ve mainly focused on higher level rapid developement languages or platforms such as Ubot Studio. It allowed me to build things so much faster then trying to learn a language and then learn the pieces I need to do what I want.

But I’ve found that this approach does come with a pretty high price tag attached. You really are limited to the abilities of the platform involved. Now, I will say that many of these platforms are truly awesome, but you will eventually smack your forehead against the wall.

The ease of use always comes with limitations. I’m sure diehard assembly language coders say that about higher level languages like C or Basic! So, the time as come for me, at least, to take the leap and learn a main stream language and I finally decided upon c#.

Why c#?

Well, it’s one of those cases when the cart is going to lead the horse. Recently Zennolabs released a new package in their software tools called CodeCreator. ┬áThis is a pretty exciting development as you can tie the rapid development features of zennoposter into Microsoft Visual Studio.

The reason for C# though is because CodeCreator is working in C#. But the secondary reason is the fact that it’s also a pretty well accepted platform. And it does feel a lot like Visual Basic. Or maybe vb feels a lot like c#? Not sure but that’s ok.

I started my studies in the area of learning c# by studying from the Joes to Pros series. They have a book written by Peter Bako. It’s actually a great book. At least for me. He does touch into some terms early that could cause confusion if you don’t know what they are, but he does mention to not to worry about them at that time.

He does start you programming C# in the command line interface. Initially I didn’t like the idea of that but after reading for a few chapters, I was sold on the approach. Why? It really does simplify the initial learning stages. I’ve now officially read about 1/2 the book and I have to say that I’m enjoying the approach the author takes.

I’m finding that he uses a very conversational manner. At times, it’s even too simplistic for me, but there are times when I discover that it’s the exact approach when I’m lost.

Overall though, I’m enjoying the book. I actually picked up the book while on holidays and have been reading through it since. I’ve learn all the basic structures for simple command line commands, plus variables, decision making in C# and looping.

I’m actually shocked that I didn’t gravitate to C# a long time ago! Well, the best times to learn something new are yesterday and today.

I’ll be sure to add some C# tutorials here as well as more zennoposter tutorials, specifically around the CodeCreator portion and c# together.

Keep on learning what you need an do consider learning C#!

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2 Responses to “Learning C#”

  1. Paul says:

    Interesting, I am interested in learning a programming language other than php/mysq. Do you know what language ubotstudio is built upon?

    • Frank says:

      Hey Paul, I’m pretty sure that ubot is built with visual basic. But vb and C# are so much alike that I’d recommend c#. Why? There’s a lot more out there on the c# platform nowadays.

      Good luck!


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