Looking for A Personal Bot?

April 7th, 2010    •   by Frank    •   Comments Off

Even though UBot Studio is a pretty easy package to run, sometimes, you need to just have someone create a bot to get the job done.

I’ve taken the time to really understand how to suck every drop out of this great piece of software to create bots that work very well and cleanly.

I’m here at your disposal with over two years of programming experience in web languages, including html, php and most importantly javascript to make your bot not only work great, but look great too.

Most bots are price quoted to the complexity required of them. I will also create bots that you can resell and licensing is completely yours.

Bot pricing is roughly $105 per hour and the most complex bot that I’ve created took about 15 hours to create. The bot made it’s initial investment back in sales within hours and has created more then four times it’s initial cost in profits within days.

Don’t be afraid to ask what a bot can do for you and what time it can save for you in the long run! You can contact UBot Junkie by either going to our Contact page and filling in your details or calling us directly 403-775-9041.

Frank gets it done. I had 2 other Ubot programmers who said they create a bot for me and they both bailed once they found out the bot was a little complicated. Frank got it done and the turn around time was amazing! I will use Franks services again for more bots and I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring him!

Matthew Hunt

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