The Long Road To Programming

November 10th, 2010    •   by Frank    •   4 Comments »

I first off want to tell you that learning how to programming is highly fulfilling. You’ll be able to ‘do’ what you’ve imagined on your computer!

With that said, let me tell you my journey. Maybe you’ll relate.

About two years ago, I found myself deep in the art of computer automation, particularly automating steps that I would perform on the Internet. Being an online marketer, I’ll perform the same mundane tasks over and over again.

I started out trying just about everything that was out there but I found that everything fell short! I’ve come to discover that it’s not the tools but the person using the tools that needs more knowledge on how to use the tools.

I would always try to bend the problem to my thinking, thus the tools needed to bend to my methodology of problem solving. It literally took me a good two years of part time programming to learn to bend my thinking to the methodology of the tools.

I actually got my mind bent into the right direction learning how to refinish my kitchen cabinets. You see, I had watched a video where someone who was highly skilled used simple tools to get a great job done. I was using the same tools, but boy my end result was a mess.

It made me realize that I had to learn the right ‘technique’ to finishing the cabinets. So instead of getting frustrated, or trying to find better tools, I had to learn how to use what I had.

There’s also another evil force at play here. Many software development companies that create software like ubot, visual studio or others, seem to think that they are solely in the business of creating the software. They wish to leave the ‘instruction manual’ to someone else.

I’ve seen this time and time again. Great ideas fall short because of poor or completely absent documentation. There are times when developers need to get back into the shoes of the ‘newbie’. They see this stuff as super easy (and it is once you figure it out), and think that a new person should just ‘get it’.

Back to two years ago. I had narrowed my search for automation software to a package called Macro Scheduler. I found it to be a very flexible program, but the learning documentation as very thin. Also, I felt that their web automation software that works with the main software to be limiting. It just couldn’t do everything.

I tried this software on and off for about a year until I came to Ubot Studio’s software. Immediately I fell in love with it because it seems so much simpler. Why? There were videos on how to use the product! It made a huge difference.

But it didn’t take me long to hit the barrier of my knowledge and soon I as complaining that the software just didn’t do it right. After about another 8 months of programming, I’ve come to understand proper programming procedures and I’ve also got my brain working to resolve automation problems easily.

You see, a great doesn’t use complex solutions to solve simple problems but uses simple solutions to solve complex problems.

I’ve come to understand the right way to fix a problem with software and have branched out to more software products like Visual Studio and my old friend, Macro Scheduler. Each looks at the problem with a different point of view, and all of their ups and downs, but a good programmer can fix the problem with all of these tools.

So, give yourself a break. If you are very new to programming, don’t try to take on complex projects. Get through very simple and easy to do exercises to start transforming your mind.

I intend to add more tutorials here and looks at different pieces of software that could go a long way to help you automate your life!

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4 Responses to “The Long Road To Programming”

  1. Diji1 says:

    Thanks for the post and it’s refreshing to read and thoughtful like much of your content.

    • Frank says:

      Thanks very much. I wrote this post so those who decide to enter programming don’t get frustrated a few weeks down the road. It takes time to develop a ‘programming mindset’. I was extremely frustrated in the beginning because of this very fact. I’m glad now that I stuck it through. I still have a ton to learn, but it’s getting easier by the day. Good luck to you and your pursues!


  2. One piece of software I would recommend for windows automation is AutoIt. It’s easy to learn and interfaces with anything. You can make programs to control any other program with it. And the best thing is that it’s absolutely free!

    • Frank says:

      AutoIt is an excellent piece of software too. I have one fellow who wrote a complete commenting robot in AutoIT. Posted to over 50 social bookmarking sites on auto pilot. Very good stuff.


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