UBot Studio Dev Version

November 29th, 2010    •   by Frank    •   Comments Off

There is a lot of really nice features in the dev version of the latest Ubot Studio. I’ve made a quick video that you can view below that illustrates all but the ‘ui html panel’ command. This command has been featured in other videos, so there was no need to rehash information.

Should you upgrade to the Pro or Dev version? I will say that they are not cheap upgrades, but for what ubot does, they are not terribly expensive either. I’m sure that this will be a personal decision for each of you.

I would only say if you create commercial bots, I would seriously consider the Dev version.

Quick amendment. The reason that the tab color feature didn’t work is because I spelt one of the tab colors ‘grey’ and not ‘gray’. Darn UK/US differences!

Anyhow, it does work and very well! Here’s a screen snap to illustrate:

ubot studio dev

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