UBot Tutorials – Learning the Basics – 3

April 8th, 2010    •   by Frank    •   4 Comments »

Working with UBot studio and programming in general can be difficult in the beginning. This three-part UBot tutorial series is designed to introduce you to good programming concepts as well as UBot at the same time.

If you’ve missed the first two parts please be sure to check them out on the site before viewing the video on this part.

In part three I wrap up this quick video tutorial showing you the finest upset I take to clean up as well as complete this bought that scrapes competition data from the Google results page.

Without further ado, you can view the video below.

Stay tuned for future videos where I’ll be showing you much more.

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4 Responses to “UBot Tutorials – Learning the Basics – 3”

  1. Jim Wayt says:

    Frank, I appreciate your tutorials. I recently purchased Ubot Studio. The possibilities are endless. While I have “0″ programming experience, I am picking up on this stuff quite well. Actually, the biggest problem I am having with Ubot is I can’t spend near as much time as I would like to using it! (The day job you know…)

    • Frank says:

      Hey I hear you Jim, darn day job! Glad I dumped that two years back, lol! I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorials. The fine folks at ubot have been very helpful to me when it comes to accomodating the programming and such, so I’m glad to give back to this community. If there’s anything you’d like to learn, please feel free to ask and I’ll see what I can make.



  2. D.Benjamin says:

    I really would like a simple ONE TIME step by step method of MAKING a yellow pages scraper. Thats all i really need to know.. From there, i can figure out how to make other bots. Please email me if possible. It doesnt even have to specifically be a yellowpages scraper, but something similar.


    • Frank says:

      I would recommend you watching the very early videos that ubot put out on scraping from google search results. Things have changed but the technique is exactly the same. Watch those and do reply if you continue to need help.


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