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June 20th, 2011    •   by Frank    •   6 Comments »

Well, I guess it had to happen, lol. I’m looking pretty hard at Zennoposter at this time. Why? Isn’t Ubot ok? Well, yes and no.

I still use ubot quite a bit and still love the product but there are times when I want to spin things up even faster and I have to admit that zennoposter may be the contender here.

But let me tell you my first impressions. Remember, this is my impressions from after using this program for a a couple of days and I’m very skilled with other programs such as ubot.

Ok, first things first. It has one complicated interface! Definitely a totally different feel. One thing that really threw me as the fact that you don’t manually declare variables. Within Zennoposter, they are created on the fly within the step that creates them.

Then you can reference back to them later.

Next, doing simple things just were not intuitive. For example, it took me several tries to figure out how to send control to a new step – almost an if statement. Again, another command that is implied by colored dots. So, visually, it’s pretty snappy, but when you are first figuring it out – well, that’s another matter.

I did find the multiple programs to be confusing too. Also, I had to figure out that you have to manually open the captcha solving window. Hmmm. That did throw me for a while.

As to help files, they are confusing. I’ve working with programmers for years and it’s easy to make assumptions and see things so clearly, you cannot understand why someone else is struggling on something when it’s super clear for you. Because zennoposter has been around for a while, this can happen.

I remember another development platform that I struggled with and eventually gave up on and the programmers just didn’t get it. I as a new person was struggling and they had no desire to provide any clear training on the topic.

It’s not so bad with zennoposter, but the hill is there.

Now the good points. Zennoposter is more complex but is comes out of the gates as being a much more powerful program. For one, I love the debugger. I’ve still a lot more to figure out on it, but what I’ve discovered has really thrilled me.

Next, there seems to be a lot of power under the hood. There are things in ubot that are bloody impossible to do, but in zennoposter, they are possible. That’s a good sign. Funny enough though Zennoposter cannot handle logging into cpanel any better then ubot. Both fail that grade, lol.

Continuing on, the programming field is graphical again. It’s a bit more confusing – back to the power under the hood issue – but possible.

What really shines for me though is the rapid development to automation! You can literally peform the actions on the live site, including email confirmation – all in real time – and create a robot that automates the task! Two thumbs up!!! Now one caveat here. I’ve not done a lot yet, so time will tell how flexible it is – long term.

Another thing I really like is that the developers of Zennoposter understand the importance of parsing the DOM on a web page and using regular expressions to do just that. One part of their interface does exactly that. Very, very nice. Once you understand regular expressions, you’ll become a much better programmer.

All in all though, I’d recommend if you are looking into Zennoposter then you should also look into finding a mentor to train you initially. It will remove a ton of frustration in the beginnings. There is a growing community on the forums there and to be honest, I believe that zennoposter will become a new tool in my arsenal.

Will it replace ubot? Probably not. But it sure will augment it.

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6 Responses to “Zennoposter Review”

  1. ourarticles says:

    Nice review Frank first one I’ve seen that was not some sort of contest between the two programs. Seems to validate my thoughts after looking at zennoposter for personal use it could be very much worth the leaning.
    But I have doubts about the developer’s one price for the Russian market and a much higher price for the English speaking customers?
    I understand average income maybe lower there but can’t see that justifying the huge increases for the English customers


    • Frank says:

      I didn’t know that one, to be honest. I do know that last week they jacked up their prices and I’ve been trying to get discounted pricing like they had before. Yea, the $600 is a pretty big smack, to be honest. I think I’ll be picking up the standard version for the time being and go from there personally.


      • darkdiver says:

        Found your review, thanks.
        First about handling cpanel login here is the working template http://zennolab.com/files/cpanel.xml it works fine on my IE9.
        Second about prices, now for English version price is $347 and for the Russian $247.

        • Frank says:

          I have to tell you, every once in a while, I get a surprise in the email, so to speak. The folks at zennoposter are trying hard to bend over backwards to make me happy as well as they have lowered their pricing on the pro package, making it extremely worth while.

          Thanks guys!

  2. ourarticles says:

    Yes the English version now costs $587 and the Russian version $167 I didn’t look at the costs for update English vs. Russian. But interesting pricing

  3. dummyseo says:

    great review Frank , honestly this is the best review so far about ZP from someone who knew Ubot and a bit about programming world. I completely agree with you. ZP is powerful but their interface is sux ! trial and error is my attempt to understand the program. Luckily i manage to create yahoo creator bot..so i’ve got plenty of email to play with.


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