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There are quite a few zennoposter tutorials, but I”m going to start right off with the basics!

First, let me tell you, I’m into day 5 with this software, so I don’t yet have all the answers but boy is it fast and can it ever be confusing. But don’t worry, you’ll pick things up pretty quickly.

But back to basics. When you load a paid version of Zennoposter, you’ll notice that you’ve actually loaded zennoposter tutorial - basic appsa total of three programs.

  1. CapMonster
  2. ProjectMaker
  3. Zennoposter Standard

Zennoposter┬áTutorial – CapMonster

This is one app that is designed to automatically answer captchas for you. It comes across as pretty sophisticated but I’ll be honest, I haven’t even tried it as of yet. I did do a bit of reading and really it’s the first line to free captcha solving but doesn’t yet work with Google captchas.

As I have more information on CapMonster, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

Zennoposter┬áTutorial – ProjectMaker

zennoposter tutorial - projectmaker appHere’s where you’ll find a ton of tutorials on the Zennoposter forums as well as on Youtube. This is the designer program for actually creating your automation sequences.

Let me share a little secret with you. This can be one confusing program – in the beginning. The reason why is there is a ton of power accessable to you but it has been carefully placed within a pretty simple looking interface. So in the beginning, finding the right tool for the job is like trying to find the right tool in my garage – almost impossible.

My recommendation is for you to just continue to play with Projectmaker until it starts to make sense. I’ll be sure to compose a few projects for you to do, to help you learn the basics of zennoposter and good programming with this application.

Just be rest assured that there’s a lot of power underneath the ProjectMaker hood.

Once you’ve completed the automation project, the final application that you’ll touch is Zennoposter itself.

Zennoposter Tutorial – Zennoposter App

I’ve just started to use the application simply because there’s again so much power under the hood. For example, I created a template (the name for automation sequences) and loaded into zennoposter to run in real time. I clicked aorund, really not sure what the heck I was doing, and after about 20 minutes I heard a bing sound from my computer.

I hunted to see what caused the sound and found that the zennoposter application had create almost 3,000 emails on my cpanel account! Now, I had set this up to only create 10. Yes, I was very shocked. Also because I had only given the template 1 thread to run on. In other words, it could only create 1 email account at a time. Oops!

So there is definitely a lot to the zennoposter app that I need to learn I’m currently hunting for other users who can fluently speak english to offer me a zennoposter tutorial on the app!

When I get more info, I’ll be sure to let on what I know.

My Recommenations at this time for Zennoposter Tutorials

I really recommend that you take some time and cruise the manuals (though they are thin), the youtube videos and the members on the zennoposter forum. Again, as I learn more, you’ll be the first to learn too. So keep your eyes open here and you’ll definitely see more zennoposter tutorial┬áposts to help you with this cool application.

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